Best Bike Touring Blogs

Ok, maybe these blogs aren’t necessarily the absolute best in the world, and the list is certainly not exhaustive, but they all are at least interesting and fun to read. And I like them dammit. Do you have a favorite? Pop it in the comments and let me know!

Photo courtesy Russ Roca/

Photo courtesy Russ Roca/

The Path Less Pedaled

Russ and Laura are on a mission: To ride around the country for as long as they can…on their bikes. The great thing about the blog is that there is no pretension at all in their journey. They’re just doing it because they enjoy it and want to see the country. They’re not out there for some spiritual awakening or in search of some great life truth, though I’m sure they’d welcome it. They just want to ride. I went back and read every entry from the beginning, and the blog actually reads like a book (Russ and Laura, are you listening? Get on the writing of the book!). It’s been fascinating to watch as they rid themselves of most of their worldly possessions and take off on this adventure. And because Russ is a photographer (one known as the “Eco-Friendly Photographer” because he rides his bike to all his gigs), the blog is filled with stunning photos and fun videos.

Bike Commuters

I’m seriously considering putting my car up on blocks and going all bike, at least during the warmer months here in Maine. Bike Commuters is a great site to get news and information from other cyclists about how they deal with the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the commuting lifestyle. A great read, the blog is written with some personality, not just with some lame SEO in mind, so it will keep your attention. The site is a bit bare bones, but what they do have up is quality. Plus, occasionally there is some quality bike pr0n going on there. Good stuff.

Bicycle Touring Pro

Darren Aiff of Bicycle Touring Pro very recently returned from biking around Europe for nine months, but he’s been touring for years, and has put together a pretty useful website of information for bike tourists. From picking the right bike to learning how to find “unofficial” camping spots, BTP is a great resource for novice riders looking to get started. Darren also puts out a nice email newsletter that includes a 12-part “mini-course” on bike touring, as well as other useful information. There is a lot of information on the site though, so take your time sorting through it.

Chris Cavallari

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