BEER: Hey Brooklyn interviews Brooklyn Brew Shop

Beer is good. Friends are great. Beer and friends are amazing! That’s why when I heard my good friend Amber’s latest Hey Brooklyn episode, I was so completely excited I nearly….well, let’s not get into what I nearly did. Suffice it to say, the people at the gym were giving me funny looks.

Hey Brooklyn!Anyway, Hey Brooklyn Episode 34 features the good folks from the Brooklyn Brew Shop, a one stop home brew shop for New Yorkers living in cramped cubes real estate agents like to call “cozy studios.” The kits they sell take up about a foot square of space in your kitchen (for the 1 gallon kit), and use real ingredients – yeast too! – to brew up a batch of what look like some fantastic beers. What’s great about Stephen Valand and Erica Shea, the proprietors of Brooklyn Brew Shop, is that they not only cater to the cramped lifestyles of NYCers, but also encourage customers to dream up their own beer creations – and then bring them a bottle too!

Take a listen to Hey Brooklyn Episode 34 to hear more from Stephen and Erica of Brooklyn Brew Shop.

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