VIDEO: The Path Less Pedaled Interviews – the decision

Some people are homebodies. Creating a close network of family and friends in a relatively small area keeps them grounded and safe. They have a local community to support them. This works for most people in life.

But some people find that their lives are lacking something in their current situation. Their worlds have been shaken up, and they need to do something more, something different. So when Laura Crawford, a jewelry maker, and Russ Roca, a photographer, decided to sell most of their belongings and fit the rest onto their bicycles, they had an idea that they would be pedaling indefinitely around the United States, in search of a life less ordinary.

In this episode of Part Time Vagabond, Russ and Laura of The Path Less Pedaled talk about how they came to the decision to leave it all behind for two wheels and the open road.

Chris Cavallari

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