FRIDAY SNAPSHOT: London, England

A few years ago, I was sent to London, England for work. My crew and I were there to video tape some very cool technology segments for a show we were working on. One day of the week we spent there, I had some time where I could go shoot what’s called b-roll: it’s the footage that covers other video that is related to what’s going on in the segment. I know, bad description, but you get the idea. This day, I decided to grab a few snapshots, and as I was getting some video, I also snapped this shot of Westminster Abbey. The architecture in England is truly stunning, and the Abbey is absolutely gorgeous. While I didn’t get to go inside, the starkness of the Abbey’s stone exterior set against the bright blue sky (one of the few sunny days we encountered there) was beautiful.

Snapshot: Westminster Abbey

Chris Cavallari

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