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When it comes to finding a place to stay during your travels, you have a few choices. Your car is one of them, but that can lead to back aches and parking tickets. You can check into a seedy motel, but you’ll probably be privy to things you never wanted to know. A pricey hotel might be nice, but it’s going to burn a hole in your pocket. What’s a weary traveler to do?

If you’re passing through Marfa, TX and you have a sense of adventure and a penchant for the quirky, El Cosmico is the place for you. I first heard of this vintage trailer/yurt/teepee luxury lodging from Russ & Laura at The Path Less Pedaled, who stayed in one of the refurbished 1950s Airstream trailers located on El Cosmico’s 18 acre spit of land. Marfa has a reputation for the eclectic (being home to cartoonist Hugh Mcleod), and surely doesn’t disappoint with the lodgings available here.

A Yurt at El  Cosmico. Photo: ElCosmico.comBased on a concept by hotel designer Liz Lambert, El Cosmico unites hotel luxury with rustic outdoors RVing. The refurbished RVs feature toilets and showers, private patios, and full to king size beds. Yurts feature simple living on bamboo floors, queen sized futons, lanterns, and fabric walls. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, stay in a 22 foot diameter teepee, with a futon, firepit, and not much else.

When you’re not sleeping, you can check out El Cosmico’s communal spaces where you can hang out in hammocks, snack at the mercantile, or cook in the outdoor kitchen. The lodge also offers creative workshops where you can learn to sew, write a novel, or create a culinary masterpiece. The outpost also plans on building art shacks that will house things like art studios and a darkroom.

El Cosmico is essentially a real life choose your own adventure! If you’re on the road in west Texas, take a detour down Route 90 to Marfa, and spend a night or two at one of Texas’s most unique lodging experiences.

The Low Down

El Cosmico

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Highway 67, just outside Marfa, TX

Inside Texas: (432) 729-1950
Outside Texas: (877) 822-1950

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1953 Vagabond. photo courtesy

Chris Cavallari

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