GRUB: Hot Suppa! Portland’s Best Brunch

Hot Suppa, Portland, MainePortland, Maine is one of those cities you’d never imagine having a food scene. Yes, a scene. Yet, Portland was named the Foodiest Small Town for 2009 by Bon Appetit Magazine. That’s right. Foodiest. I swear, I did not make that up. With Portland being the foodiest town in the U.S., it stands to reason we’d have the best in all the meals, not just dinner. I know, you think “Maine,”  and both “Lobstah” and “Chowdah” spring to mind, both of which are great traditional foods. But come to Portland, and you’ll find much more to quell your raging appetite. And that includes the most important, versatile, and ubiquitous meal of the day: Brunch.

Hot Suppa! at 703 Congress St. is an unassuming little establishment with a treasure trove of hidden gems inside. From the street, all you see are tinted windows, red painted brick, and a small sign pointing the way. Inside is even less assuming, taking on the pretense of a small diner, though the murals on the entryway wall point toward something more. This isn’t your typical greasy spoon. Come in on any given Sunday, and you’ll see for yourself that locals know Hot Suppa! is much more than meets the eye.

Hash out the details

Hot Suppa's Corned Beef Hash & EggsI need to get to this right up front: Hot Suppa! has THE BEST corned beef hash. EVER. It’s perfectly cooked corned beef, with just the right mix of potatoes and carrots, and a touch of salty goodness. It’s warm and juicy, salty and sweet, and oh so heavenly. I’m sorry, but this is the best corned beef hash (or CBH) I’ve ever had. I used to hate CBH, but Hot Suppa! has made a convert out of me.

Hot Suppa! also offers a menu with traditional breakfast and lunch fare, from the tasty and filling eggs benedict to the macaroni and cheese made with locally produced cheddar cheese. Omelettes, biscuits & gravy, pancakes, french toast, a breakfast burrito, cheeseburgers, falafel, and something called “The Cubano” round out the menu.

The Low Down

Hot Suppa!
703 Congress St.
Portland, ME

Meals Served:
Breakfast and Lunch

Mon – Sat, 10A – 2P
Sun, 7:30A – 2P

The Meal To Have:
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs with home fries. MMMMMMmmm.

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