REVIEW: Amazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman

Amazing Things Will HappenEvery so often, you come across a book that inspires you to be better. Amazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman is one of those books.

Self-help books are a dime a dozen; so are get-rich-quick schemes and how-to-become-a-millionaire-in-5-easy-steps books. These false idols always promise a rich, fun-filled, sexy life, yet rarely do they deliver. That’s because they focus merely on the superficial: look better, have more money, be admired by millions. The superficial rarely leads to real happiness in your life. Superficial items are simply distractions from living an amazing life. This principle applies to everything we do, and as Part Time Vagabonds, we have an innate desire to live a happy, responsible, and amazing life.

C.C. Chapman took this principle head on. In response to the hundreds of questions C.C. answers each year about how he lives such a seemingly happy and enjoyable life, he decided that putting his thoughts into book form would help the most people. That’s the kind of guy C.C. is (disclosure: C.C. and I have known—and dare I say, have been friends—with each other for more than 5 years now).

I love the idea behind Amazing Things Will Happen: with the right amount of work, discipline, and open-mindedness, we can all live the life we truly want. These things will be much more difficult for some people than others, but they can happen. And you have be willing to let them happen. That’s the big take-away from the book. When you put the work in, and open your mind and heart to the world helping you out (the world being family, friends, acquaintances, nature, etc.), your life will take the route that leads to the happiness that you want. Both the type of happiness, and the road which you travel, will be different for everyone, but the end result is the same: happiness. It’s so simple, but so difficult for so many.

Amazing Things Will Happenis very straightforward in its language, and this grammar nerd occasionally got hung up on C.C.’s minor errors. The message, however, is clear, and the personal stories C.C. tells throughout the book really carry that message nicely. Amazing Things Will Happen is not a manual or a field guide. You won’t find many actionable items in the book—although the tip about carrying a notebook with you everywhere is priceless, and something I’ve done for years—but you will enjoy the simple writing and easy to understand lessons. It’s those lessons that C.C. wants you to carry with you, and that will help you on your way to truly enjoying whatever it is that you do.

For a part time vagabond, those lessons are priceless. Buy the book. When you do, amazing things will happen.

See what I did there?



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