Part Time Vagabond Holiday Gift Guide

Part Time Vagabond Holiday Gift GuideIt’s that time of year again, when every blog in existence posts their own take on the Holiday Shopping Guide. It’s crass. It’s base consumerism. It’s the lowest of the low.

So here’s my list.

1) Best Made Co. Unfinished Felling Axe – Campers, canoers, or anyone with a fireplace or wood stove will at some point need a high quality axe. Chopping, felling, and splitting are made that much easier with this beautiful tool from Best Made. Add your own finish to the wood handle for that custom look and feel.

2) Whipping Post Georgia Brown Picker’s Wallet – Last year, I needed a wallet that I could fit in my front pocket and wouldn’t be bulky. After an exhaustive search, I found the Georgia Picker’s Wallet from Whipping Post. Hand crafted and with a slot for a guitar pick, this wallet fit my pocket, my budget, and my style.

3) Woolrich Oxbow Bend Plaid Flannel Shirt – Woolrich has been making high quality clothing for years, so it’s no surprise that having a traditional flannel shirt from them would make any guy in your life one happy camper. But don’t worry, women won’t be left out in the cold with Woolrich’s selection of comfortable women’s flannels.

4) Buck Stockman Pocketknife – Growing up, I didn’t like the look of these. Single blade was the way for me. But now I can’t leave the house without my Buck Stockman (I have an L.L. Bean Edition). Leave those crazy-ass modern plastic handled knives at home, and carry this time honored piece of history with you.

5) Filson Leather & Stainless Flask – Cold winds and flying snow mean a night in the cabin warming by the fire. Enjoy a nip of your favorite winter warmer in this leather wrapped, stainless steel flask from Filson.

6) L.L. Bean Boots – You’re a Mainer? Do you have a pair of Bean Boots? Of course you do. Do you want to be like a Mainer? Ask for a pair of your own. Time tested, Mainer approved.

7) Brooklyn Brew Shop Home Brew Kit – Sure, you love your local microbrew, but haven’t you always wanted to try making your own beer? This simple $40 1-gallon home brew kit will get you started with all-grain brewing, just like the big boys do it.

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