My PTV Christmas Wishlist

Ok, now it’s time for what I want for Christmas. I’m not likely to get all of them, but it’d be fun to have these cool items.

The Hobbit Limited Edition Moleskine NotebookPocket notebook (Hobbit Moleskine)

I love my Moleskine notebooks, and carry one with me wherever I go. I also love The Hobbit, the classic tale of Hobbits and Elves and Gollum. Now Moleskine has made 2 limited edition notebooks celebrating the book and the newly released movie. So. Cool.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m in the market for a new, rugged, durable, and minimalist backpack. The bags from GORUCK fit almost all of my requirements, and the GR2 seems like the perfect size for walking through a city or hopping on a train.

LoveME Camp MugLoveME Mug

I love Maine. Since moving here nearly four years ago, my life has transformed. Shortly after I moved here, I met Chris Avantaggio, who founded LiveME, a merchandise company that sells Maine branded gear based on their original BeerME design. The LoveME mug—shaped like a mason jar, of course—is a cool, laid back to show your love for Maine.

Japanese Sharpening StoneSharpening Stone Set

If you have a pocketknife—or several, like me—you’ll eventually need to sharpen them. I have woodworking tools too, so a good sharpening stone set with honing guides will keep those blades ready for your cutting needs. A sharp blade is a safe blade.

PicasoLab Leather iPad SleevePicasoLab Leather iPad Sleeve

Tablets are great techy love for the geeky traveler. While I always carry a notebook and pen with me, my iPad comes with me as well, along with a bluetooth keyboard. But I need a good case to protect my investment, and leather protects and styles like few other materials. This one from PicasoLab on Etsy is a good mix of style and protection.

Tall Trees, Tough Men by Robert PikeTall Trees, Tough Men – Robert E. Pike

I saw Rhon from Backwoods Plaid reading this book recently, and I decided I wanted to get my hands on a copy. It’s all about Maine’s famed logging culture, from a guy who grew up in its height.

Medium Raw by Anthony BourdainMedium Raw – Anthony Bourdain

I loved Kitchen Confidential by Bourdain, and his TV show No Reservations was one of my favorites. The guy can write, and is completely entertaining as he takes you through various food cultures around the world. In this book, Bourdain dissects his life in the 10 or so years since Kitchen Confidential, talking about life as a cook, traveler, eater, culture appreciator, and father. Can’t wait to read it.

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