Celebrating Olde Bristol Days at Colonial Pemaquid, Bristol, Maine

Fort William Henry at Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site I’ve always been a history enthusiast, and period reenactments and historical sites capture my imagination. I think it’s mostly because I really enjoy placing myself in the time period of the event or location. So when Olde Bristol Days rolls around each year, I — and people from around Maine and beyond — descend up on Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site in Bristol, Maine to eat food, listen to music, tour the grounds, and learn from historic reenactors.

The fort house at Fort William Henry, Colonial Pemaquid State Historic SiteWhen Olde Bristol Days isn’t happening, Colonial Pemaquid and Fort William Henry is a 17th century period archeological site, with a plethora of historical artifacts quite literally littering the grounds. Stone building foundations dot the area, with many more still buried under the grass and dirt. It’s sad that there isn’t more funding allotted to the park for more archeological digging, restoration, and preservation, but what is there is fantastic. Park rangers are knowledgeable about the history of the park, and are always available to answer questions. It’s a really cool site.

17th Century Encampment at Olde Bristol DaysBut Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site comes alive during Olde Bristol Days. Part craft fair, part county fair, and part 17th century reenactment, Old Bristol Days is a fun, family friendly event that brings the community together.

Fair food sales benefit local schools and organizations at Olde Bristol Days in Bristol, MaineFried foods abound at Olde Bristol Days, with proceeds benefiting local schools and organizations.

Local fire departments set up an improvised water slide for the kids at Olde Bristol DaysLocal fire departments set up shop too, even crafting a makeshift water slide for kids.

17th Century reenactors set up camp at Olde Bristol Days at Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site17th Century historical reenactors set up shop on the grounds overlooking the mouth of the Pemaquid river. If you squint just right and look at the right angle, it’s easy to forget that you’re living in the 21st century.

Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site is open to the public year round, but the Fort, fort house, and museum are closed during the winter months. Olde Bristol Days is usually held in early August each year, but anytime is a great time to stop by Colonial Pemaquid.

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