On the Road to Someday

Someday is a dangerous and profound word. It’s a word that I find myself saying more often than I should. Someday leaves things open-ended. Someday is non-committal. Someday never arrives.

“Someday I’ll take that dream trip to Bali.”

“Someday, I’ll start that woodworking business I’ve always wanted.”


On the road to someday

The problem with someday is that it doesn’t really exist. We use someday as a stop gap, an excuse for not actually taking action on that thing we want. We use someday because we’re afraid of taking the step, of accepting the risk. We know it never turns out as bad as we imagine it to be, but we use someday to postpone whatever pain we dream may be inflicted upon us.

I use someday a lot. Someday, I’ll buy a house. Someday, I’ll travel the world. Someday, I’ll climb Mt. Katahdin. But I know that someday will never come because someday isn’t real. I haven’t set clear, concrete goals to conquer someday.

Someday is an attitude, not a simple turn of phrase. Someday reflects all the fear and uncertainty in our lives, bringing to light all the failures we thought we had buried long ago.

Someday needs to be replaced with a new word. Something powerful, definite, solid. Someday needs to be a goal, not an excuse.

What word would you use to replace “Someday?”

Chris Cavallari

About Chris Cavallari

Chris is a longtime digital content producer based in Maine. Since 1999, he has been an early adopter and active participant in blogging, podcasting, and social media, and has been guiding small and mid-sized businesses in leveraging video, social media, and digital publishing to the fullest. With an avid love of travel and the outdoors, Chris started PartTimeVagabond.com in 2009 to give him a platform to showcase his outdoors and travel adventures, and to help educate others in doing the same.