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2 Days In... Austin, Texas

In order to be a better traveler blogger, I realized that I may need to actually travel more. I was brainstorming ways to make that happen as a part time vagabond, and in a way that makes sense to someone like you, who wants to travel but doesn’t have a ton of time. My idea session came up with a novel idea: spend at least two days in a place I’ve never visited, get an idea of the essence of the place, and write a nice long post (and several smaller pieces) about. This post will serve as inspiration for you to get out there and explore, giving you ideas about where to go and what to see. Each month, I’ll pick a new destination, and ideally, I’ll announce where I’m going ahead of time. I’m calling this venture “2 Days In...”

This isn’t a new idea. Magazines produce this kind of article all the time. What’s unique about 2 Days In is that it’s meant to be a starting point for you, inspiring you to get out your door to see the world around you. Since I’ll be announcing where I’m going, I may be able to meet up with readers in the various places I visit, and have them show me around.

Over time, I’ll have a pretty exciting library of places I’ve visited, which could lead to guide books, video or audio tours, documentaries, and more. And of course, I’m going to learn a ton, and I’m going to pass all that knowledge on to you. I’m excited and nervous, and happy that I’m going to satiate that passion I have for travel.

Though this idea has been simmering in the back of my mind for months, I only decided last week that I’d actually make this happen, so my first destination was chosen very much last minute. And since my travel funds are a bit sparse at the moment, this will be an exercise in frugality, budgeting, and patience.

And so, on Sunday, January 19, I hop a plane out of Maine. Austin, Texas, here I come!

*Note: The new series 2 Days In most likely won’t begin posting until after we move from BDN. Keep an eye here on the blog, or sign up for the newsletter, to get updates.  
Photo by Ed Schipul on Flickr
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