Chris Cavallari, wannabe world traveler

Here it is, plain and simple. You love to travel. You love getting outside to enjoy the world we’ve been given. From navigating winding trails on a mountain to delving deep into narrow city streets, you love it all.

Problem is, you can’t do it full time. Maybe you don’t even want to do it full time. Maybe you love your job and your home and your family right where they are, but you have a wanderlust that tugs at your feet every so often.

Does this ring true? You, my friend, are a Part Time Vagabond.

Part Time Vagabond blends the ideology of location independence with the reality that most travel lovers face: having–or wanting–to keep their roots planted at home. Our goal is to inspire Part Time Vagabonds through unique travel, outdoors, and adventure lifestyle content that includes photos, videos, guides, and essays, all framed in an elegant and responsive design.

From weekend getaways to short term vacations, Part Time Vagabond will help you get the most from your holidays.

About the blog creator…

Chris Cavallari is a social technology manager, director of photography, writer, owner of Filmosity Productions, hiker, mountain biker, camper, golfer, backpacker, frisbee-er, beer drinker, and all-around good guy. Originally from Waterbury, CT, now living in Maine, he has spent his life desperately trying to find something that can’t be found. So he travels. And he wants to do more.

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