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Granola Bar Adventure!

I’m a freestyler. In general, I like to make my own rules, wander off the trail… But there is one place that this lust for spontaneity consistently gets me into trouble- the kitchen. It is because of this that I greatly prefer cooking to baking. At least with cooking, recipes have a bit more wiggle […]

Viva la staycation!

I kind of hate the word staycation.  Maybe it’s because it’s been incredibly overused in the last few years of financial crisis. Or maybe it’s because what it implies is a little on the depressing side.  It gets you all excited with the “-acation” part of things, but then demands that you stay put. Unfortunately, […]

Welcome to Part Time Vagabond’s new writer!

I am supremely happy today to announce the first official writer to Part Time Vagabond (other than myself). Alexandra Munier runs the blog Broke207, and has posted to PTV before. She’s a fantastic writer with a biting wit and sharp sense of humor, knows a ton about having fun while living on the cheap, and […]