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National Trails Day: Helping Conserve & Preserve

National Trails Day is this Saturday, June 5, 2010. It’s an annual event held by the American Hiking Society to foster awareness of local hiking, biking, and walking trails and engage the public in the protection, conservation, and sheer enjoyment of these trails. In Portland, Maine alone, there are over 50 miles of trails overseen […]

Part Time Vagabond Email Newsletter

If you haven’t been following Part Time Vagabond on Twitter, you’ve been missing out, especially on signing up for the PTV newsletter. Make sure you sign up soon, because you’ll be first in line for a special giveaway coming to Part Time Vagabond in the next few weeks! Sign up at the link below or […]

Nothing New Today

No new posts today. I fell behind on editing the last of the Path Less Pedaled videos, and haven’t been able to post anything new to the blog. Don’t worry, there’s more to come this week, and BIG NEWS coming soon! Thanks for your patience, and keep checking in!

Site Note: Advertising

If you’re a regular to the Part Time Vagabond site, you may have noticed a new little widget in the sidebar. This is my Amazon Affiliate store, where you can purchase items from But don’t worry, you won’t see car parts or books on knitting. This store is unique to PTV, as all the […]