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A collaboration of delicious proportions: Allagash & New Belgium’s Vrienden

Allagash Curieux. Allagash and New Belgium will collaborate to create Vrienden, the beer of best friends.

I’m a big fan of Allagash Brewing, and so far, they have, in my eyes, done no wrong. When I went to Arizona for my brother’s wedding last May, I had the honor of sampling some of New Belgium‘s Fat Tire. When I saw that Allagash—brewers of the inimitable Black and Curieux Belgian style beers—and […]

From the West: Beer Adventures Begin

When we both lived in Portland, it took several months for Hokie and I to realize that we lived in the same building. In fact, we didn’t realize it until one day on Twitter, we had been talking about beer and where we lived. Somehow, Hokie deduced that we were neighbors. From this, a friendship […]